1 Day Festival Essentials

Summer is in full swing! If you’re heading off to any day festivals this summer, here are some essentials you’ll need!

Filter Water Bottle
Food and drink cost a lot at festivals, bring an empty water bottle and fill it up while you’re in there. Over £2.50 for a small quantity of water is not the one… and it beats having to wait in humongous queues.

Travel Deodorant
Dancing, walking around and sweating all day will take it’s toll. Speedy freshness will perk you up and hence have you make the best out of the day by dancing and hanging out for longer.

Toilet paper runs out very quickly at festivals so keeping some spares in your bag will be a life saver, likewise for that blocked nose – even for non-hayfever folk!

Assuming you might get booze and food, it might be a better idea to keep cash on you as not all the stalls take cash. Queues for miles for ATMs too, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Comfortable Shoes
Walking. Dancing. Walking. Dancing. This pretty much sums up your day! Don’t make the mistake of wearing shoes you know start to feel uncomfortable after a few hours and assure a closed toe. You’ll feel more inclined to get into the festival spirit and do a bit of moshing!

For those of you who get blisters real easy, plasters will definitely help you make it through the day.

Hand Sanitiser
Just like the tissue situation at the portaloos, hand sanitiser also disappears sharpish. Keeping some on you will keep you feeling clean through out the day.

Hair Bands
We can pretty much guarantee your hair won’t look the same a few hours into being at the festival and we all know how easy these suckers get lost.

Long Sleeves / Shirt
Roll up a long sleeved top up your arms, or wear a shirt that you can easily tie around your waist. Even if it’s hot as soon as the sun goes down you’ll be glad you brought an extra layer, plus it’ll very well protect you from said sun if you start to feel the burn.

Portable Charger
We all know how quickly phones die, especially as you’ll probably be on Snapchat and Instagram all day. If you don’t have a small one, one tip we’d give is put your mobile on flight mode, stock up on the media, then post all at the same time on your various social media accounts!

What’s your one festival must have?


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