10 baby home truths

Since our little mascot for team IM came into the world, he’s been pretty much the main focus – completely actually. Here are 10 truths when it comes to life adjustment when a 2 month old is in the picture!

  1. When you walk around the house with one boob hanging out of your bra/top and not realise.
  2. When the most exciting thing you’d have done all week is grab a coffee out and about.
  3. When your manicure is very handy when it comes to picking out babys boogers.
  4. When you have no shame in updating your social media every minute with that of baby.
  5. When all you can think about is having a nap when baby is having one themselves, but you have one million and one things to do.
  6. When you can’t remember the last time you had a hearty nutritious meal (let alone cook one yourself).
  7. When you come to terms with never ever being on time for something, ever again.
  8. When you suddenly become a health and hygiene freak, especially that of those around baby.
  9. When you live for the coos and smiles (amongst the crying).
  10. When you have a moment, everyday without fail, to acknowledge just how deeply in love you are with baby.


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