10 Top News Stories

These are 10┬ánews stories we personally have found most interesting in 2017, so far. Of interest to us… for what resonates with us, or for what we think is necessary to “be in the know” about. In no particular order, we’ve taken all of the stories from TheGuardian.com as we didn’t feel the need to compare differing media views, but to just get the topic of interest out there for you guys.

  1. Poorer Children Half As Likely To Get Into Best Schools
  2. Rainbow Flag Tate Britain Mark First Queer British Art Show
  3. Khalid Masood Profile From Popular Teenager To Isis Inspired Terrorist
  4. David Harewood Says Black British Actors Maybe Better Suited To American Roles
  5. Olivier Awards 2017 Full List Of Nominations
  6. We Felt Inferior And Degraded Reporting Sexual Harassment At University
  7. British Tabloids Ignore End Of Scheme To Bring Child Refugees To The UK
  8. Donald Trump Should Not Be Allowed To Speak In Westminster Hall Says Speaker
  9. Putin Approves Change To Law Decriminalising Domestic Violence
  10. Trump Travel Ban Peoples Stories From US And Around The World

What in the world has got you interested in 2017?


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