30 before 30

In keeping with the New Year and therefore ~ resolutions ~ we’ve got something a little different on our minds. Creating and keeping goals are important for direction and personal growth, however the hype of “New Year New Me” always assure some sort of failure. So we compiled a list with a similar nature, although with a tad more scope. We always want to assure one foot forward, rather than steps back.

IM as been alive and well for 3 years already. We’re both over the 25 year old hump, so our next milestone is 30! Here’s our IM 30 before 30 list we’d like to accomplish, in about 3 years time…


1. Get out of our comfort zones at given chances
2. Excel in networking
3. Make a positive difference in a community
4. Develop good relationships with bloggers and media community
5. Have a place we call home, with an office – deposit down
6. Be at conversational level in Greek and in French
7. Overcome social anxiety
8. Become more of a vocal advocate i.e. ethical fashion
9. Sustain a lifestyle of good health and plenty of fitness
10. Obtain driving license


11. Host a fashion bloggers event
12. Complete IM fashion line and sell all pieces successfully
13. Complete rebrand of IM Original Minds
14. Fully develop our own website
15. Gain sufficient revenue from blog
16. Create another product
17. Be proficient with photography and with editing (videos and Lightroom)
18. Set time aside for personal projects
19. Volunteer with refugees
20. Acquire all relevant equiptment


21. Become social media savvy
 22. Visit; Mexico, New Orleans/Miami/New York City
 23. Take a spontaneous IM trip
 24. Read 4 life changing books
25. Interrail
26. Own a second hand designer piece
27. Not refer to recipes for classic basic cooking (from scratch), i.e. curry/spag bol/roast etc…)
28. Have go-to songs to sing for an audience
29. Be part of an acapella group/ensemble
30. Staycation more

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