Cost Effective Date Night Ideas

When you’ve been in a couple for a while, date night suddenly becomes more important than ever. Also being more busier than ever, scheduling time to give each other undivided attention is important. We also know dating can be expensive and with all the fun summer activities most intend to do, saving money is never a bad idea!
Here are a few cheap date night ideas when you’re both saving the pennies.

Museum & Galleries
There are always free museums and galleries, it’s just about finding where. Spend some time on Google searching for exhibitions that take your fancy and have a enriched and cultured day out!
Relaxing bath, back massages, face masks… Tempted yet? Share a bottle of wine and enjoy each others company. Ambiance is everything especially when it comes to a DIY job. Music, scented candles, dim/off those lights e.t.c.

Go Bowling
Classic couple bonding. When do you ever get the opportunity to wear matching hideous shoes? Bowling literally has everything you need on a date. Activity, food, drink and plenty of laughs!

Fun Fair
Fun Fairs are great when you’re trying to keep things cheap as you don’t have to pay to enter. You could literally walk around and pay nothing, just taking in the kooky atmosphere. One could just eat or of course, go crazy and enjoy the rides. Either way, Fun Fairs have a great atmosphere and all the lights look beautiful at night.

Watch The Sunset
Luckily some of the most beautiful things in life are free and that’s especially true when it comes to a sunset. Look up the best places in your area to enjoy a lovely sunset. All you have to do too is check the temperature so you know how much to wrap up.

With the way things are going with summer in London, there will be many opportunities to head to the park. All you need is a blanket and basket with whatever food you want and you’re pretty much sorted.

Garden Camping
You don’t necessarily have to travel too far to enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy a camping night with your other half in the back garden. You’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds as you won’t have to pee in the bushes. Order in, light tealights, get a great movie on your laptop – done.

Learn To Cook Something Together
Learning new things with your partner can definitely help with bonding and what’s great is that you get a delicious meal at the end of it. Look up something you’ve always wanted to make. If you’re making a specific cuisine, why not make some fun cocktails to go with the meal, can never go wrong with cocktail making!

Get A Psychic Reading Together
Doing a couples reading can be a fun activity to do whether you believe in the mystical powers of a psychic or not. These generally range drastically in price so find someone that’s perfect for your budget.

Be A Tourist

We’ve lived in London our whole lives and there are still so many hidden gems we are yet to discover. Be a tourist for a day, choose a route or just walk around, explore and see what you find. Don’t forget to prepare some food to bring with you as buying food all day can get a little expensive!

What’s your ideal date whilst on a budget?


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