Ego Expose launch event

The Sunday before last was the launch party of a new gal power kinda brand (yaaas). Bossin’ our way through the snow and ice, we made it to Meraki in Fitzrovia. It was a collab event with the bespoke brand Piers Atkinson… and the new luxury accessory brand we’ll speak of now? EGO Expose.

“…it is fair to say Atkinson has found his niche in extreme millinery.”

— Emma Elwick-Bates, Vogue

Ego Expose is all about making a statement, which is actually really important in the time we live – and here, we’re (particularly women) are lucky enough to be able to express ourselves in society more than ever before. The rawness and reality that surround the brand does not leave like-minded women or men feeling uncomfortable but rather, quite liberated.  Ego Expose work very closely with pop culture trends, whether it’s seen on social media, fashion or any artistic field. Hence the very relevant collaboration with Piers Atkinson. I’m sure this was very exciting for Ego Expose – and we know only more collaborations of this kind will be in the pipe-line for the modern accessory brand, always aimed at the modern woman. Better yet, all their bits are handmade in the UK. Nothing unethical going on ‘ere, which is the no.1 reason why we can vouch for them too.

The collab was perfect in terms of their loud and bold designs. Ego Expose challenges the consumer to be daring enough to be different from the rest… Voice yourself and your thoughts/opinions. This without a doubt rings true with Original Minds! Remind yourself with what we’re all about here.

The venue (a restaurant) was amazing, also serving their yummy af crispy pita bread… had the best gin and tonic’s from Sipsmith and Double Dutch. And last but not ‘least, it was amazing to see our Laurie Emiko Mann. Performing her socks off to covers ~ Take Me To Church vibes ~ and her own singles, from her first ever EP out in March. Remember to look out for that and definitely, watch this space.

All that is underlined is clickable, check everyone out! A final word from Ego Expose… #SpeakYourMindBareYourSoul .

Have a fantastic end of the year!


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