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After a long day at work or running errands, we personally champion at “me time”. Our evening routines focuses on winding down, all in the effort to get the best possible nights sleep. We all know a good nights sleep has boundless benefits for ones well being and general health – regarding heart, mind and body. With a good nights sleep productivity for the following day is more likely to magnify, with studies proving memory and creativity is improved after a good nights kip as it helps to reorganise and restructure yourself for what you face in the day to come. Getting enough sleep, plus assuring you fall into a deep sleep, is crucial for this. One tip alongside reading on to find out how we wind down, is to download the app Sleep Cycle.

These are our general “wind down” evening routines, some days differing from the next, though on an average day…

Isobel’s routine:

After hanging up my coat and chucking my bag on the stairs, I automatically head to the bathroom to wash away the day. As I work in a health care environment, I always find myself throwing in my worn clothes for that day into the washing machine (along side any other undone laundry) – cleaning, even bit by bit, definitely helps me feel at ease. Then; shower, whilst carrying out my make up removal/first cleanse with a hot cloth and coconut oil. On to my second cleanse; at the moment I use SkinFix Foaming Oil Cleanser, and on the days where my skin feels extra delicate I switch to Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2 in 1 Cream Cleanser. Then I moisturise with Hope’s Relief Intensive Dry Skin Rescue Cream, the whole process helping to calm my skin.
I’ll always eat something at this point – whether i’m ravenous or just a bit peckish, but also depending on what time it is (if it is still early enough to have a full on dinner, or late enough that it’ll just be a bowl of cereal), because one thing is for sure, I will never be able to fall asleep on an empty stomach!
Also depending on the time, I either eat over conversation with family, or head up to my room and watch an episode of something i’m currently watching. When i’m in my room, first things first – I light a Yankee. Lighting a scented candle really does relax me, as for me it really amounts to the relaxed ambiance I crave all day.
After watching an episode of a show i’m enjoying, I address my mobile and catch up on messages and write last minute emails if needs be. In the mean time I call my husband to see how he’s doing and when he’ll be home from work. Still on my mobile I tend to do a round of Duolingo for Greek language whilst chilling on my bed and then vow not to use my mobile for the rest of the night.

Marian’s routine:

My routine definitely depends on the day as my job isn’t the 9-5. Every evening is different, but let’s just say I get back at 6… The first things first, I change into comfy clothes then wash my face with Biore Charcoal Face WashI then use an Aloe Vera mask straight from my Aloe Vera plant, I wash this off then apply coconut oil.
As I tend to eat late I prefer to eat a plant based dinner! Something light so it can digest easily and therefore relax appropriately, otherwise I go to bed feeling pretty rubbish. Next, I catch up with an episode on Netflix or TV whist scrolling through social media. As soon as I get into my room I turn on my Muji Aroma Diffuser, it really helps calm me down before bed in order to achieve the best nights sleep.

What are your ways to relax?


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