Introducing Smart Works

We’ve been a tad MIA for the past year.
In terms of progressing with our blog and therefore our brand, it’s been one hell of a complicated year. One of us faced demons, the other, preoccupied with pregnancy – each to their own but mentally and physically for us both, these were massive alterations in our life. It had us interrupt amazing plans to work with a charity (that despite it all, are adamant to work with us – standing by their ethos to support woman in trying circumstances).
This is Smart Works.
Smart Works understands the importance of confidence and independence, particularly in the workplace for women… for women to indeed find their footing in life. A massive step toward this is holding down a job and progressing in the professional world. They put this into action in two stages: 1. a style session from a voluntary professional and 2. a 1:1 interview skills session.

What Smart Works stands for could not resonate more with us, it is what we ourselves are actively trying to put across in our future brand. Their motion for this message is through fashion, ours is too. For women to feel good about themselves in their own skin has to innately start from within, though through style and fashion, women can express their individuality and have portray our unique selves in society – the way we wish to be portrayed. To share that confidence and personality for the world to see and accept. There is too much pressurised influence in society aimed specifically at women, that is oh so thoughtfully brought to us through the media and historical pretenses.
Fashion can be made as a tool to support this cause!

Smart Works hold events to help raise funds and awareness of their cause, having alongside them amazing sponsors – from corporate to beauty/fashion supporters. We wish to collaborate with Smart Works for when we hold an exciting event of our own. In doing so, we indeed wish to voice our combined message and… launch our little something – finally! A huge thanks to the team thus far, especially Robina – for their passion and enthusiasm in making this work.


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