Kensho Mykonos; Hotel Review


In August this year we were lucky enough to stay at the gorgeous Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites, Mykonos. We write this in front of the telly, black coffee at hand whilst it being pretty cold outside, not to mention our IM mascot shouting and babbling as he finds his voice… this image is far and beyond the luxury we experienced at Kenshō – better yet because in the 48 hours we spent there, it felt just as homely and cosy as home always is. The staff at Kenshō made a huge effort on this front. We’re not sure how they all made you feel as if they were your best bud, but they really did. With no reservations, though still with such professionalism – it is the staff that contributed to this homely family feeling. Concierge knew absolutely everything about the hotel and their services, inside and out. The bar staff knew copious cocktail recipes and created cocktails effortlessly with whatever ingredient we fancied, not to mention knowing how to prepare a mean cappuccino (which we lived on due to baby also present!) Speaking of which, our room service attendant was also a paediatric physiotherapist… oh so very causal, don’t cha think?
We had a nail technician rescue our manicures in absolutely no time at all and the chefs? 5* personalities and skills. Everyone was so naturally amazing at what they do, not to mention the managers of all areas also adopting this way of work/character. No one standoffish in the slightest.

Beauty in the staff and beauty in our surroundings, Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites exudes natural and effortless beauty. The natural interior and clean aesthetic was stunning. It is the service as well as the unique, anecdotal architecture and interior design that justifies what you pay for. Every single element had a story behind it or a reason as to why it’s placed there – paying utmost attention to detail. Everything about Kenshō focuses on the Aegean – with its white stone and aged wood, traditional for Greece though with a modern blend of luxury. Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites describe themselves as illustrating “the power of minimalism and incorporates elements that give color, life and dynamic.” To see a glimpse of this, search the work of the following:

  • Patritcia Urquiola
  • Paola Navone
  • Redaelli Ricambi
  • Il Laboratorio
  • Kenneth Cobonpue
  • MOGG
  • Foscarini
  • Riva1920
  • Micomoler
  • Gervasoni
  • Gandia Blasco

We spent two nights at Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites in their “deluxe room with plunge pool”. Everything in the room was explained quickly yet thoroughly upon arrival, as well as when we toured the facilities; outdoor lounge/pool, bar, restaurant, spa/beauty parlour and gym. Their shop was unique to host beautiful olive tree ornaments, made with real olive branches dipped in gold. We genuinely feel when it comes to a boutique hotel of this style, it does not get more lux than this. Lux, yet laxed (relaxed) – in terms of the staff, as they were all so down to earth. OK think we’ve raved about them enough now…

Our entire stay here was without worry or disappointment. Heaven. Even Hermes showed himself in toiletry amenity form. What more could you want?

A huge thank you to Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites for inviting us to stay!


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