Make Up Musts For Mums


Whether you’re too busy to invest in the time to apply make up, or it becoming harder to look perky and put-together if you’re a Mum – we think we have the make up products for this dilemma, down.

Firstly if you want the best skin of your life, become a Mum! Water (and admittedly Rose Water) does wonders. Minus the eye bags of course. If that’s taking things a bit too far (lol – anything for great skin right?), then this combination of shear and basic make up bits will help you out.

We firstly go in with the Bobbi Brown (whom of which we love – the woman herself expresses the power of natural beauty with her products) Skin Weightless Powder Foundation. As well as incorporating a sponge (bonus points for efficiency), the creamy, pressed powder literally feels as such on the skin. It evens out your skins tone very nicely… Plus the compact has a mirror! Efficiency doesn’t even cut it, far far beyond it.

Again alongside Bobbi, the Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer covers a blemish here and there and under eye bags wonderfully. Another all-rounder. It has brilliant coverage for a concealer and is easily blendable. Even blending out with a finger does this product justice. A bonus buy that is not featured in the photos is the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Luminous Radiance – just to go on top on this concealer under the eyes to brighten the area up. This combination will have people fooled when you’ve only had 3-4 hours sleep the previous night.

Clinique’s High Impact Mascara does exactly what it says on the tin (and this is coming from a gal who has invisible, jetty-like lashes). The mini version, which with it’s smaller head is probably better for lashes like mine… can be thrown into any bag no matter how small. It volumises, defines and lengthens. And the best part is that it is easily buildable – so whether you’d like an effortless or daring look, this mascara can provide.

The Origins Lip Remedy is the go-to lip balm. Soft smooth lips are a must to feel that-much-bit more glam and hydrated – the combination of the cold and much needed coffee all day every day definitely creates that dehydrated feeling. It’s really nice packaging too, clean, with easy application.

Sometimes the eyebrows are over-looked if you’re that busy but with Cachet D’or Eyebrow Powder (strangely couldn’t find it anywhere on the net – bought it at Olympia Beauty), there really isn’t any excuse to. Following the shape of your eyebrow, this purely fills them in so nicely. If you do need or like a bit more structure and sleek to your eyebrows, this isn’t the product for you. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing time-saver and better yet, more efficiency points! We double it as a quick time eye shadow, adding a bit more depth to your eyes.

Now for the bonus products! Bobbi Brown’s Glow Stick and By Terry’s Baume De Rose Nutri-Couleur are both products used to add more life and colour to the face but can easily go without. Both with a browny tint. Both dewy. Both creamy, but non sticky. Absolute favourites. The non-essential essentials!


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