Make-up tips to last long in the sun this Summer

We all know the feeling… being in the hot sun, sweating so much it’s as if (or quite literally) your make up is melting right off your face. You can’t help but be distracted by the discomfort, though it be a beautiful day.

Let us do you a favour, here are some ways to stay fabulous in the beautiful Summer weather. Remember these and you’ll be all set to make the most out of summer ’17 no matter where it takes you!

Keep things light
Applying layers of foundation definitely won’t last in the sun. We perspirate a lot more in the sun which helps us cool down, so a light coverge foundation is definitely the way to go. Or better yet, go bare faced – let the sun love your skin!
Tip: Try swapping your foundation for a BB cream with sunscreen. Sunscreen is crucial, your skin will thank you in later years.

Play with colour
Everything about Summer screams ‘colour’. Now is the perfect time to play with eyeshadows and lipsticks. Who doesn’t feel great and confident  with a bright bold lip and subtle but pigmented flawless eyes?
Tip: Do a little research on the best colours for your skin tone, this will help enhance your features and create the best look for you!

Ditch the powder blush
In the hot weather we begin to sweat, if you have a heavy amount of powder on sweaty skin the powder will become clumpy and cloggy, which is never a good look.
Tip: A great alternative to blush is a stain, many can be used for your cheeks and lips and it means you’ll be able to stay in the beautiful weather all day without worrying… Plus it’s a 2 in 1, so less make up to lug around for any touch ups!

Prevent shine, add glow
We never want to look shiny, but a lovely glow helps us look sun kissed. Shine control papers are cheap and are small enough to carry around with you, then use a liquid or stick highlighter to get that glow on.
Tip: Blend a liquid or stick highlighter with your fingers to help it soak into your skin.

Swap out thick lipsticks
Thicker deep coloured lipsticks are stunning in the Autumn/Winter but for a more Summer look, try using a lip stain, pencil or even just a coloured balm (with SPF).
Tip: These are especially great as you won’t have to top it up or worry about it smudging as much or at all.


Waterproof liner and mascara
Waterproof eyeliner and mascara are perfect for all the fun you’ll be having this Summer. Often we go out with just the two items on our face! This will save you from getting that sinking feeling when you’ve either jumped into the pool/the sea/merely finished a days fun walking/chilling out and about.

We’ve talked about it so much! Apart from being good for your health, staying hydrated keeps your skin looking young and fresh. The hotter it is the more you have to drink. So keep your skin looking beautiful by staying hydrated.

Keep prep items in your bag
We say always be prepared! Bring little bits you might need to keep you looking fresh during the whole day out and about. In short, we suggest; sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, oil absorbing sheets, mini deodorant, mini perfume and hair ties.

What’s your summer staple for a long lasting look?



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