Papillon Brasserie; Restaurant Review

Papillon Brasserie is a French restaurant situated on Bromley High Street. They describe themselves as “casual elegance of French cuisine in relaxed surroundings”. This nonchalance, relaxed notion is something we would say they indeed exude. The restaurant has been in business for just over a year and has been successful through word of mouth and TripAdvisor exposure, where it has now leapt to no.1 in a matter of months. Their Head Chef; Alexandros Porfyris, has something to do with this. Greek in background and demeanour, Alexandros specialises in French cuisine and technique. Alexandros explains his intention for Papillon Brasserie, truly using his position to expose Bromley to the “finer way to feast”, but to also ever excel in his craft by mixing traditional with modern. The modern take on their classic French dishes is apparent, also ever evolving.

“We are not doing something that hasn’t been done before. We continue working with the foundation that others have laid. But that foundation is what will take us further and that’s what I call innovation.” – Alexandros Porfyris

Our second experience at Papillon Brasserie proved to us its high level of consistency and focuses on fresh (or refreshed) practices – from menu modifications according to season, to adding personal yet appropriate touches in terms of décor. The current décor is a combination of French art deco and traditional, classic interiors. Think French provincial clocks. We love the mismatched quirk it provides which too, is shown in the food you’ll eat here. Chef Alexandros Porfyris assures twists in his classic French dishes. Just like the interior, Papillon notices the importance of colour and ascetics to all their dishes. The dishes also provide a modern take on humble ingredients which we think leads Papillon Brasserie in the right direction toward fine dining recognition. This is seen in one of our favourite dishes from the new menu; Cod, chorizo sauerkraut with squid ink mayo.

Within Papillon Brasserie’s autumn menu, an essence of wood fire, smokiness and deep flavours thread through it. We were left stumped a lot of the time and this excites us, as it gives reason to savour and discuss what we just ate. Every element on every plate was with purpose.

The sweet and bitter balances beg you to try a little of all the ingredients and their flavours in the same mouthful. Examples of this are the risk-taking pan fried foie gras, the crispy potato nest accommodating their pigeon breast and the contrasting textures to their veal dish. We were very fortunate to have gone for their poached pear dessert; poached in red wine with crème fresh and mint; zesty, fresh yet hearty in richness. How could this not be French cuisine at its best?

As IM Original Minds, we intend to always support local businesses be it an ethical fashion store or an independent restaurant. This lifestyle, through our lifestyle blogging is at the forefront of what we write about. After having experienced Papillon Brasserie, with our background of knowing fantastic food (due to coming from the fantastic cosmopolitan city that is London), we were overwhelmed with the sheer passion and knowledge everyone working at Papillon Brasserie holds, all whom have moved to Bromley after many years of working in Mayfair and the West End.

Papillon Brasserie’s final note welcomes and encourages you to experience their, “changing menu based around seasonal ingredients, and the surprising sophistication of dishes inspired by the French countryside.” “Great food does not have to be complicated. We bring you dishes that are fresh and tasty, with a little touch of French drama.”

Booking is recommended at Papillon Brasserie. It is now open and at your service; Tuesday – Saturday Lunch 12:00-15:00, Dinner 18:00-22:00. Sunday Lunch 12:00-16:00. Game Season has commenced at Papillon Brasserie and will continue until the end of the year.

Website // 0208 4 60 60 60


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