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Since making our stance on the production of fashion more apparent, the one question that has cropped up the most is “so where am I supposed to shop?”. It was about time we compiled a list of our most favourite online ethical clothing stores, so here it is! Just over half of purchases were made online last year and it wouldn’t surprise us if this percentage is based on fashion alone – with the rise of similar sites to ASOS. You will be surprised at the volume of ethically sourced and produced clothing and additional items there are online, and since a lot of us are resorting to the online world anyway… check out these trailblazing brands.

UK AND GBP BUYS: (Bags/Accessories) (Swimwear) (Shoes) (Accessories etc)

EU BUYS: (Shoes/Accessories) (Bags/Accessories) (Bags) (Shoes) (Jeans)



To browse even more ethical brands, refer to two of our favourite ethical bloggers and their lists (including to shop with USD).

Kristen Leo’s ethical list


Alisson Simmonds’ ethical list

If you come across a brand you like the look of, browse their “About Us” and if they’re proud of their ways of work and ethical production, it is highly likely that they’ll be transparent enough about it on this page or in another dedicated link. If you want clarity however, feel free to write a message to them. Chances are they’ll get back to you right away if again, they’ve nothing to hide. If they don’t, well, you know…

If you don’t yet know about the horrors of the fast fashion industry, we will put up a post about it all soon… how it compromises human rights and the environment, including how it’s one hell of a good ploy to turn us wasteful yet consumer hungry. Yey!

Another reason to go ethical? You’re more likely to find your own style and gain the capacity for careful consideration, imagination and individual thought (we talk about this in our blog post here) and not just follow what we’re told is trendy… which the high street/fast fashion shops just love to do, every other week!



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