Venice – 10 Tips For Your Trip

We recently traveled to the beautiful city of Venice for few days break.
Here are 10 tips (and a few unrelated but beautiful pictures) to get you excited for your Venice trip!

Umbrellas will save your life
You should always check what the weather is going to be like before you travel. If you end up going in May you’ll be greeted with sunny skies, with a splash of torrential rain. Bringing a small umbrella can be perfect for all temperatures, both for the rain and shining sun.

Don’t accept a rose unless you want to pay
Every country has people selling things that target tourists, in Venice it’s definitely roses. People selling roses will offer you one insinuating it’s free then as soon as you take it they’ll have a go at you trying to say you should then buy it. So unless you want one don’t even touch them. Actually pretended to have hay fever, it worked a treat.

Be patient
Getting around in Venice can be pretty complicated. GPS isn’t 100% accurate and should be used more as a guide. Many roads are canals and the small city is full of thin alleys. So patience is key, you’ll definitely end up walking down the wrong road once of twice or face a few dead ends. Just keep calm, enjoy the run and try again.

Preplan your restaurants
Venice is a tourist attraction so unless you plan ahead it’s very easy to spend your money unnecessarily. A great tip is to ask at hotels for great local spots to eat, they basically know all the best places to eat no matter what price range you have.

Save money on food with a view
You don’t need to dine out every night. Save some money buying food and drink from a supermarket and sit by the canal while the the sun sets. The views by the water are always so beautiful, plus your wallet will thank you.

Always check your bill
Unfortunately there are people in every city who target tourists and try to scam you, so always be on the alert. One trick used is by changing the prices of things you’ve ordered. On two separate occasions we ordered tap water and were billed for spring water. So always check the bill.

Ask a local
If you want to live like a local, ask a local, there’s no better way. People are very friendly and always willing to help you if you’re lost or looking for new places to try.

Pack light
As mentioned, it’s not easy getting around in Venice. There’s a lot of walking to do so unless you’re going to take a water taxi everywhere, do your best to pack as light as possible. It gets very tiring dragging luggage around while trying to find your hotel while the sun is beating down on you.

Aqua Alter
So for those who don’t know Venice is actually sinking (very very slowly), so a few times a year the city floods. This could end up ruining your trip if you’re not prepared, always check what the weather is going to be like during the time you plan to take your trip.

Exchanging money…
Everyone wants to feel like they got a good deal when they exchange money. They have now introduced top-up cards you can use all throughout Europe which have nearly the exact exchange rate… it’s also easier than carrying lots of cash and you won’t get any extra charges. Personally we would also carry some emergency cash because some places don’t take card.


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